Showing results from only one site

If you want to show results from only Yahoo! or Google after performing a YaGoohoo!gle search, you can maximize one of the frames to fill the entire window. In Firefox, this option is found under "This Frame" in the context menu, and in Opera under "Frame" / "Open" in the context menu. To my knowledge, this is not possible in Internet Explorer.


Open search result in new windows

To improve YaGoohoo!gle's functionality, tell Yahoo! and Google to open search results in new windows. Just click Preferences in each search result view. With Firefox, use Tabbrowser Preferences to open these new windows as tabs.


A visual comparison of Yahoo and Google search results

yahoo! vs. google shows the top 100 equal results, and their rank in connection with each other. It gives an excellent visual indication on the ranking discreprencies on a given query. Highly recommended.


Welcome to YaGoohoo!gle

This site started as an April Fool's post on Slashdot, and the saying was that the fool wasn't even any good. I got a fair amount of hits with people searching for "haha", "funny", "april fool", and "bonesaw". Bonesaw? But then traffic rose. I started receiving feedback. The router crashed (I later found out that the DDoS-logic had kicked in). I've got several offers for hosting the site, and donations have started coming in. There are currently 40,500 Google hits and 50,100 Yahoo! hits for "yagoohoogle". The Inquirer and Spiegel (de) has written about it. In this blog I'll try to keep you up to date about the site's status and also searching tips. Comments from anyone are welcome, but I require registered Blogger users (aren't you one already??!) to avoid comment spam. Enjoy YaGoohoo!gle, and keep comparing search results!